Spice oleoresins are highly concentrated products, usually in viscous liquid or paste form. Most of them are insoluble in water. These characteristics limit the direct application of oleoresins in restaurants and home kitchen. Dosages would be too low to get proper spread and if added directly, they can form `hot spots’ in the food matrix.


Oleogranules eliminate the difficulties in the use of spice oleoresins in restaurants and home kitchen, but at the same time, retain their advantages. They are formulated from 100% natural extracts through proprietary process and serve as standardized and hygienic substitutes for spice powders. Use of standardized oils/oleoresins/natural excipients and delicate processing guarantee consistency in aroma, flavor and color. The product is granular for handling and application convenience, free from fine dust, non-hygroscopic, dispersible in water.

The range includes oleogranules of:

Oleogranules may be used either during cooking or as table top condiments that can be sprinkled on to prepared dishes. They are ideal ingredients for  dry seasoning formulations for instant noodles, coating powder etc.

The concentration of oil/oleoresin in the product as well as the particle size can be varied to suit different applications.


A popular application of oleogranule is in tea flavouring. Normally flavoured tea is prepared by brewing tea with crushed/ground spice. However, this necessitates brewing tea individually for each flavour. In the case of oleogranules, a common plain tea can be prepared and selected granules then sprinkled to get the desired flavour. This provides convenience and cost saving.

The most popular granules for use in tea are:

In addition to flavour, oleogranules also impart the health benefits of  corresponding spices and botanicals. 

Most of the above flavours can go well with coffee too, especially ginger, cardamom, cinnamon etc. We also have an exclusive refreshing blend for coffee, ginger coffee, beneficial against common cold.